• City Express Dhurmus-Suntali Saajh 2075

    14 Feb 2019

    City Express organised a special charitable event "City Express- Dhurmus Suntali Saajh,2075" in three cities (Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Johor Baru) of Malaysia between Feb 6th - 10th 2019 for raising funds for constrution of Gautam Buddha International Stadium by Dhurmus Suntali Foundation.

  • Agent Training 2075 (Kathmandu)

    01 Feb 2019

    Some glimpses of Agent Training held on February 1st 2019 at City Express Complex, Kamladi ... 

  • Agent Training 2075 (Kathmandu)

    18 Jan 2019

    Some glimpses of "Agent Training 2075" held at City Express Complex, Kamladi, Kathmandu last Friday (18th Jan 2018) !!!

  • Lakhapati Express Bumper Prize Handover Ceremony

    27 Jan 2019

    City Express Lakhapati Express scheme's bumper prize handover ceremony held at Japan.

  • City Express Lakhapathi Express Bumper Prize winner declared.

    16 Jan 2019

    “City Express Lakhapathi Express” scheme’s Bumper Prize (Rs. 12 Lakhs) winner declared.

    City Express Money Transfer declared the Bumper Prize Winner of “City Express Lakhapati Express 2075’ scheme. Mr. Man Bahadur Khatri remitting money from Japan has won Rs.12 lakhs as Bumper prize winner of Lakhapati Express Scheme. Amidst a program held at City Express Complex, Kamladi, the brand ambassador of CEMT Mr. Sitaram Kattel (Dhurmus) and Managing Director of CEMT Mr. Chandra Tandan announced…

  • Agent Training 2075 (Kathmandu)

    06 Jan 2019

    "Agent Training 2075" held at City Express Complex, Kamladi, Kathmandu (4th Jan 2018) !!!

  • Valyou, Malaysia Tie Up

    02 Jan 2019

    City Express Money Transfer kicks off remittance service from Valyou Sdn Bhd, Malaysia


    City Express Money Transfer has started remittance service from Valyou, Malaysia from 1st Jan 2019. With the agreement in to effect, Nepalese migrants can send either cash or any bank account deposit in Nepal through Valyou remittance center which has more than 2000…

  • Lakhapati Express Monthly 1 Lakhs Winners.

    02 Jan 2019

    1st Month Lucky Winner:

    Som Bahadur Thapa Chettri (Father of Bashu Thapa Chettri).


    2nd Month Lucky Winner:

    Binod Agrahari


    3rd Month Lucky Winner:

    Runa Dhimal

  • Nepal Idol Season 2 Final

    23 Dec 2018

    Presence of City Express Money Tranfer in Nepal Idol Season 2 Grand Finale.

  • City Express in Galkot Mahotsav 2075 !!!

    31 Oct 2018

    City Express Money Transfer, Main Sponsor for Galkot Mahotsav 2075, Galkot, Baglung.