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CTRemit is a web-based, customer focused online money transfer technology introduced by City Express Money Transfer Pvt. Ltd. and is the property of City Express Money Transfer Pvt. Ltd. The product is a web based remittance system, accessible to all our branches and agents, ensuring prompt delivery of the remittance service. The product is monitored and serviced round the clock to deliver fast and reliable service. CTRemit is an online web based money transfer system that automates inward remittance with product accessibility and authentication CTRemit provides a sophisticated disaster recovery plan implemented in Malaysia meeting the standard industry norms. The system security is maintained at the highest possible levels using 128-Bit SSL Protocol and the data is transmitted in encrypted format. In addition, the application has GUI (Graphic User Interface), Standard Secure Socket Layer technology (SSL) and firewall server, regular monitoring of customers data as well as system performance and anti-money laundering checks that comply with international laws.
  • Internet based technology, thus easily accessible to all branches and agents network.
  • Provide real time update on remittance request for prompt processing and delivery of payment.
  • Provide secure and reliable means for accessing the product, uploading the transaction at Remitting agent end and downloading the transaction at paying agent end.
  • Authentication using Digital Certificate, User Name and Passwords.
  • The user can login to CTRemit only in those workstations where digital certificate is installed. Digital certificate is generated and delivered by the Administrator at City Express Money Transfer Head Office upon the request of Remitting and Paying Agent.
  • CTRemit has full audit trail report, i.e. all the data which are inserted / edited / deleted can be tracked by USER ID, IP Address and Date & Time.


Key Features

Instant Cash Payment
Money remitted from anywhere in the world can be instantly cashed across City Express counters anywhere in Nepal. With our state-of-the-art technology and extensive network, we provide a secure way to send and receive money. We make sure that the remittance gets to where it’s needed quickly and without any complication

Account Deposit
We can instantly deposit money, transferred from anywhere around the world, to remitter’s bank account in Nepal. For this service, we have corresponding relations with all major banks and financial institutions in Nepal. We can immediately deposit the money to the remitter’s bank account.

SMS to sender
This unique messaging system works through an automatically generated text message (SMS) to the remitter that the remittance had been disbursed. The beneficiary does not have to call the sender regarding the receipt of the money.

Message to Receiver
The remitter also has an option of sending a short message or instruction to the beneficiary.

Telephone Notification to Receiver
City Express notifies beneficiary via telephone that he/she can collect the remittance from the nearest City Express location.

MPOS Services

MPOS service is the easiest and smartest way to manage and pay your telephone bills without standing in queues through our network.
  • NTC Pre Paid Mobile Bills
  • NTC Post Paid Mobile Bills
  • NCELL Post Paid Mobile Bills
  • NCELL Pre Paid Mobile Bills
  • NTC Land Line Bills

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